Fourth Quarter Online Retail Sales Draw All Eyes to eCommerce Business Software

The fourth quarter: it is the one time of year that all retailers look forward to revenue growth and profitability. All eyes have been on the online side of retail as more and more consumers are turning to their web browser instead of to the mall. For retail companies such as yours, this represents a significant opportunity, as long as you are leveraging powerful eCommerce business software to help turn browsers into buyers. If you haven’t made the jump to eCommerce business software, it may be time to dig a little deeper into your strategy to make room.

eCommerce Business Software – All the News Is Good

Industry research firm, comScore, noted that 2010 fourth quarter online retail sales actually hit $43.4 billion, a record and an 11 percent increase compared with 2009. The tech sector especially has shown significant growth, signifying that consumers are significantly hitting the web in search of the latest deals. With the right eCommerce business software solution in place, you can be ready to capitalize on this growing demand. When trying to select the right eCommerce business software solution, however, you must be able to determine just how much revenue you want to be able to create online. How does this approach fit within your overall strategy and can you make it work for you?

BMC Leverages Strength in eCommerce Business Software

BMC is one provider making the most of the opportunities in the online retail sector. Relying on a robust eCommerce business software suite, the company reported revenue for the quarter ending Dec. 31 as $540 million, an increase of 6 percent from the year before. For 2011, BMC is well-positioned, favoring the online approach and leveraging its robust eCommerce business software to withstand the growth. The company must have a flexible and scalable solution in place to be able to handle this kind of growth.

Demand Robust eCommerce Business Software to Handle Traffic Rush

Nothing is worse than a black-out on your site when business is heaviest. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened when AT&T launched the iPhone 4 in June of 2010. Customers were not met with a blackout as much as they were unable to maneuver through the site to secure their pre-order for the latest version of the smartphone. AT&T and Apple could both afford a little unrest, simply because demand for the latest iPhone was so strong. Do you have this luxury, or is it critical that your eCommerce business software platform be able to handle the rush?

NetSuite Enjoys Strong Results with eCommerce Business Software

There are few names in the industry that demand the respect and attention NetSuite is able to garner simply because of its track record in the global industry. While the company has earned its leadership position, it still must rely on eCommerce business software solutions to handle the influx of orders for its multiple platforms. The company enjoyed a 21 percent increase in 2010, compared with the same quarter in 2009, and is ramping up its eCommerce business software to leverage continued opportunities in 2011.

Whether your company is likened to the size of NetSuite, or you operate more in the SMB space, a robust eCommerce business software suite can help you to realize your online retail potential.

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