With Robust eCommerce Technology, Customers are Never ‘Just Looking’

Every retailer has heard the term when a customer enters their store, “Just looking!” Of course, this is another way of saying, “Leave me alone, I want to shop in peace.” You know that the right questions can help turn a looker into a buyer, but you also know how quickly a customer can be chased out of your store with the wrong approach. These same rules apply online, except you actually have more opportunity to turn a looker into a buyer when they land on your website; you just have to have the right eCommerce technology in place.

Why Is eCommerce Technology So Important?

In the competitive market online, it is not enough to just be able to offer your products for sale. Even if you have the right strategy in place, great inventory management, strong branding and a easy-to-navigate site, you still need robust eCommerce technology to take it to the next level. Think in terms of those, “lookers”. Are these individuals interested in what you have to offer? Are they navigating around your website? Where do they land and what items do they view most often. Did you know you can leverage eCommerce technology to capture this information so you can create a more personalized experience for this customer? How much could you improve your revenue if you executed this method correctly?

Use eCommerce Technology to Control Your Costs

The best way to maximize your profitability is to control your costs. Of course, this is not something you didn’t already know, but it is something you have to remember when launching any type of eCommerce technology. If you have to invest a considerable amount of revenue in this solution, what will you get out of it? With a robust eCommerce technology solution, you will be able to control your costs as it should allow you to design and implement a strategy that projects accurate growth based on reliable forecasts. Yes, your cost will grow, but so will your revenues and as long as you maintain your strategy, so will your profits.

Will Your eCommerce Technology Incorporate Chat?

While some people may prefer to shop online simply to avoid the pressure of the sales interaction, others simply do it because they like the range of options. Many of these consumers do have questions when they visit your site. If they can’t readily find answers to their questions or the information they need, how quickly will they leave your site? Unless your brand is strong enough on its own to keep the customer clicking on your site, you may want to integrate Chat into your eCommerce technology solution. This capability enables customers to communicate with a live agent with one click to find the information they need. Just be sure if you do incorporate this into your eCommerce technology platform that it will actually work and agents are actually available. If not, you will waste the money and push the customer to the competition.

Don’t forget that your website is likely the first opportunity your customers have to develop their perception of your company and your products. Use your eCommerce technology platform to control that experience so it is the strongest possible to build a loyal customer.

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