Monsoon Commerce recently announced that it has acquired the order and customer management software company Stone Edge Technologies Inc. for an undisclosed amount.

Monsoon Commerce is a provider of eCommerce solutions for retailers and the acquisition was conducted to increase Monsoon’s customer offerings by giving online merchants access to Stone Edge’s shopping cart software, order management and supply chain technology.

The acquisition also gives Stone Edge users access to Monsoon offerings by helping retailers to sell through a variety of other marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay.

Stone Edge works with a number of the best eCommerce solutions such as Miva Merchant, Volusion, and 3D cart and they work with over 2,500 web, store, and catalog merchants, including a dozen online merchants in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

Stone Edge has services that are compatible with over 50 online shopping carts.  Barney Stone, the president and founder of Stone Edge, says there has been a growing interest from customers for solutions that will help increase sales on major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The company’s suite of products and services provided by Monsoon Commerce addresses this growing demand.

Stone Edge’s Order Manager was designed to help sellers who are organizing both incoming and outgoing orders.  The automated order processing system lets merchants manage everyday tasks such as backorders and even handling returns from customers.

Monsoon will be implementing Stone Edge’s Order Manager tool to its Seller Solutions business group.  This group has helped over 20,000 online retailers to sell more than $450 million worth of goods in 2010.

This acquisition is sure to impress merchants already employing Monsoon’s software as well as bring in some new online retailers who are looking for one-stop shopping.

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It’s now easy to convert your offline business to online business with Weblineindia’s ecommerce web solutions.  With advanced eCommerce solutions your company can do business selling your product and service online, while giving support as well.

Weblineindia is an Offshore Software Development Company in India that offers website design and web development, php web development, asp.net application development, search engine optimization and eCommerce solutions with many customized features.

They have an expert open source php and asp.net web developer’s team that offers eCommerce shopping cart, shopping management and CRM development with Payment Gateway Integration, Shipping Gateway Integration and Open source/API Integration.

Ecommerce solutions allow you to stay ahead of your competitors and earn more revenue from your website by selling online directly to an enormous customer base.

Weblineindia’s open source developers are experts in osCommerce, ZenCart, Xcart, Magento and other shopping cart CMS and their php programmer can modify and re-design any open source CMS to your specific requirements.

Some of their customized eCommerce features solutions include single click ordering, buyer features and personalized user, easy and quick page to product navigation and single or multiple shipment features, to just name a few.

According to your project requirements, Weblineindia can provide open source and eCommerce solutions to accomplish your needs, saving you money and time in the process.

Weblineindia offers expert eCommerce developer on rent to work with your custom requirements of eCommerce project development and their eCommerce development team also helps you to re-design, re-develop your eCommerce portal.

Whatever your business needs to grow their eCommerce website, Weblineindia has the solution you need to stay ahead of the competition and grow your online business.

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Miva Merchant has released a new e-mail marketing application, Miva Merchant Mailer.  The company has done this in conjunction with e-mail marketing provider, Exact Target. The new app is specifically designed with eCommerce store owners in mind.

Miva Merchant Mailer is a simple and easy to use e-mail marketing application. It provides merchants with the ability to engage their customers and increase their sales. The application has hundreds of pre-built templates making it easier for users to create professional-looking e-mails without the use of HTML, and the customization options for HTML-capable users are unlimited.

Miva Merchant COO, Rick Wilson, says they’ve been an enterprise customer of Exact Target for years and when the opportunity came to partner with them to leverage their platform in an easy-to-use, intuitive product for small and medium size business space, they immediately moved to offer such a product.

Merchants can also add opt-in e-mail addresses directly from their website and add them to their e-mail lists in real time, if they choose. Customers may try Miva Merchant Mailer free for a 30 day trial.  Pricing starts at $9.95 for up to 250 contacts and you can send an unlimited number of e-mails.  You are only billed by your list size.

Some other features included in the application are reporting to track and improve your results over time, and modular integration with the Miva Merchant software, will be available soon.

Miva Merchants offers a complete ecommerce solution that consists of PA-DSS validated shopping cart software.  It is PCI compliant with eCommerce hosting, credit card processing services and also custom website design and development.

More than 50,000 merchants use Miva Merchant’s highly customizable software.

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Anyone who has ever set up Affordable shopping cart software knows that easy shopping is hard to find and for the digital downloadable products, you really need hosted eCommerce solutions in order for the customer to make it hassle free and efficient.  IQecommerce is the answer to Affordable shopping cart software.

IQecommerce is state of the art software that boasts easy shopping cart and hosted eCommerce solutions.  The product is feature rich with tools that get the job done. Any person navigating their website will be able to purchase material and digital products with practically one click of a mouse.

Not only is it quick and easy to set up, but it also has affordable pricing and plans.  The feature rich affordable shopping cart offers a variety of tools designed with the end user in mind and has creative eye appealing store templates.

There is also 24 hour customer service and a secure platform to host your store.  The key word that really defines this easy shopping cart software is “user friendly”.

It doesn’t get any easier to purchase a plan since you have no obligation or long term commitment and you are free to cancel at any time.  There are four payment options available through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal via 2checkout.com.

IQecommerce has a great philosophy because it doesn’t limit features with the less expensive plans and the whole process is as easy as 1-2-3.  You may just sign up and add your own domain name, if desired and chose the template for your store front.

IQecommerce is designed with the end user in mind and for Internet entrepreneurs that want to be successful.

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DIY Media has unleashed their first product: DIY Music.  DIY Music allows users to create quick widgets to be distributed throughout the internet or fully-featured storefronts.

Despite years of experience running various technology-based startups, DIY Media is focused on developing technologies that allow users to set up their own stores and distribute their own digital music.

DIY does provide consulting services for a fee but the tools are geared more towards allowing user to independently upload their content and send it out to do its job.

Artists use the eCommerce software to create a store widget just to push a single track, EP, album, or their entire collection.  Those who are already connected with one of DIY Music’s distribution partners can upload their whole collection in one swift step.

Once stores are set up, they can distribute their music through traditional online methods such as websites or through any social network such as Facebook or Twitter.

All stores will carry the same branding and image and this allows artists to present a consistent face to the public. A social media schedule for shopping carts is a necessity for anyone wanting to get serious in the eCommerce game as this is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Facebook is playing a huge part in that game and a variety of companies are developing their own eCommerce software to allow clients to sell directly on Facebook. Selling on these social networks using the eCommerce software is becoming more and more critical to eCommerce success and the rise of businesses like DIY Media proves this.

DIY Media has a mission to empower content-creators to distribute their work through eCommerce software and social media platforms.  They are based in Seattle, Washington.

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It is becoming very common for merchants who are starting their first online store to decide to go with hosted shopping carts in order to start selling as quickly as possible. There are numerous reasons merchants choose hosted solutions instead of licensed software to power their online stores.

As technology continues to advance rapidly, more and more merchants are learning to see the value in choosing a hosted solution. The pricing models of licensed software versus hosted solutions are very different and the differences in what they offer are driving many merchants away from licensed solutions.

There are four reasons why hosted shopping carts are becoming a favorite among merchants and are shifting the way in which these software companies do business:

1. Hosted Shopping Carts open up the world of eCommerce to the Masses. Many who run an online business or want to open up their first online store do not have advanced web development skills and turn to hosted shopping carts as the solution to their problems.

2. Hosted Shopping Carts offer One Stop for eCommerce needs. Merchants like the fact that companies who offer hosted shopping carts will help them do everything they need to get going and many offer design and SEO services if you want the extra help.

3. Merchants who use Hosted Shopping Carts periodically receive updates, upgrades, and new features, sometimes as often as once a month and this gives them the chance to test out new features and tools and see how they can affect their business.

4. Merchants can leverage customer service support and merchants who opt for hosted shopping carts are paying for customer service support as part of their monthly package.

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Atlanta’s Calloway Portable Shelters have recently added a series of new upgrades to its Internet store to increase the convenience and lower the cost of the shopping experience. They strive to make their customers satisfied.

The online site has implemented a new header that shows the company’s phone number, current sales items, a link to the most-recent post on their blog and most conveniently, a link to the shopping cart.

A further upgrade now includes the shopping cart being secured by PayPal’s anti-fraud Buyer Protection service which offers buyers recourse in the case of botched orders, mistaken charges or any other problems with their purchase.

Should the new order never even arrive, arrive in broken condition or is different than what was ordered, the shopper can contact PayPal within 45 days of receiving the charge and dispute it.

The shopper has up to 60 days to take action in the case of suspicious charges to the account. We are in a time when everyone needs to take precautions against identity theft and loss of personal information and this is a necessary safeguard.

Calloway is pleased to implement these measures to help its customers defend their money from internet criminals. The company currently features a monthly sale special on its online store. Last month, they offered 5 percent off all RhinoShelter dog kennels.

The kennels are made with the same high quality materials and solid craftsmanship as all other RhinoShelter enclosures and instant garages and they are guaranteed to last for years.

Calloway Portable Shelters is an authorized Rhino Shelter dealer that is located in Atlanta, Georgia and they offer a 2 year warranty on all products.

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Every year 100Best, Inc. honors one of the top shopping cart providers featured on bestshoppingcartreviews.com based on their overall service and quality provided.  The low prices and high quality of product made BigCommerce an easy choice for top honors.

BigCommerce is a provider of hosted shopping cart software for over 10,000 online stores.  After their launch in 2003, they have quickly grown to become one of the largest and most reliable shopping cart Website software providers.

They are currently the fastest growing SaaS platform in the world and over 40,000 companies have benefited from the quality services they offer.  Client companies include Dell, Kraft, Virgin, Wayne Gretsky and Ticketmaster, to name a few.

BigCommerce has a declared mission to assist companies of all types and sizes that are looking to expand online sales and they offer quick and easy set up for only $24.95 per month. The company’s solutions can easily help with any business needs, including small businesses that are considering expansion to include online sales help to generate increased revenue, sales and promotions.

Businesses that are looking for versatility with various types of payment methods will have a wide selection with BigCommerce and the company offers a 15-day trial so potential customers can try it for themselves firsthand.

BigCommerce is one of the best hosted shopping cart software companies in the industry and their e-commerce system is easy to use without having to know HTML format. They set up businesses with more than 50 payment methods and can set up users with a merchant account for direct credit card sales.

100Best, Inc. was launched by a diverse group of financial and e-commerce experts as a way to find a more effective method to provide information to consumers about e-commerce solutions and services.

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Topseos.com has named the Top 10 SEO Shopping Cart Firms for February 2011.  Topseos.com is an independent authority on search vendors and they have identified five key areas that are critical to SEO shopping cart software.

These five areas are GUI features, features, customization, SEO friendliness, and stability.  Jeey Trika, Managing Partner of Topseos.com, says when it comes to SEO Shopping Cart Software, the quality of it directly affects the sales.

The software optimizes your page to appear higher on search results on product search engines, as well as in organic results.  Choosing the right software will affect your business’ visibility with potential customers, says Trika.

The best SEO shopping cart services have all gone through an evaluation system which is facilitated by a qualified and experienced team of researchers.

The Top 10 SEO Shopping Cart Companies for this past month of February 2011 are:

1.) SearchFit

2.) X-Cart

3.) Magento

4.) Network Solutions

5.) 3D Cart

6.) Fortune3

7.) Volusion

8.) Zen Cart

9.) Miva Merchant

10.) GoECart

Topseos.com digs into the business practices of each company and compares them against the industry standards.  There is a very detailed evaluation process that allows them to rank the features and services of each company.

Part of the process is in gathering feedback from at least three clients.  They want to know their experience in working with the company and how to obtain real data about the return on investment with the company.

Topseos.com is an independent authority on search vendors worldwide.  The site was developed with the goal of recognizing the best internet marketing service providers across the globe.  There are thousands of daily visitors to Topseos.com’s website.

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Shopping carts, or shopping baskets, are used in e-commerce to assist people make online purchases. These are software programs which work just like a normal shopping cart, allowing you to accumulate a list of what you want to purchase.

The benefits of shopping carts include web-based administration, the convenience of using credit cards, the favorable tax options, the flexibility of online trading, flexible shipping, and the site optimization tools.

Shopping carts are either licensed or hosted. Licensed shopping carts are downloaded and then installed on web servers. You pay a one-time fee for these shopping carts, but some are free. The main advantage of licensed shopping carts is that you will own the license and this means you can host on any server that meets the server requirements. Another advantage is that the source code is easily accessed and edited to meet your particular circumstances and preferences. On the other hand, hosted shopping carts are never downloaded, but rather they are provided by the web hosting service provider. For these shopping carts, you pay a monthly or annual fee. You may also be required to pay a percentage of the sales you make through the cart. You get pre-defined templates that you can customize to match your circumstances and preferences, but customization here is more limited. You could also have fully integrated shopping carts. These shopping carts allow you to fully configure the user interface and other features. You will therefore need some programming knowledge with these.

The best shopping carts for ecommerce are those that follow the PCI security standards. These standards are blanket regulations set to safeguard account data security. These standards are managed by a council composed of leading payment industry actors such as American Express, JCB International, Visa Inc. Inc. International, Discover Financial Services, and MasterCard Worldwide.

In shopping carts, you could make payments through different payment gateways. These include PayPal (Globally), 2Checkout (Globally), VeriSign (Globally), Wordplay (Globally), CyberSource (US), Authorize.Net (US), Moneris (CA), Protx (UK), and EWay (AU). Others are Chronopay, BluePay, viaKLIX, Westpac, eMatters, goemerchant.com, skipjack, netaxept, MiraPay, DirectOne, nab, and NETBANX, among others. These payment gateways are either COM-based or XML-based and their main advantage over Visa, MasterCard, and the like is that they are integrated with your store, meaning there is no redirection to external servers.

Article from articlesbase.com

By: Daniel Hawthorne

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